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Re-Focus Mahtomedi Schools on Academic Excellence
Provide A Voice For Families Once Again

A Parent, Not A Politician

As a current Mahtomedi School Board member and father of four with over 40 cumulative “school years” in Mahtomedi schools, Paul has an engaged parent perspective on the many strengths and challenges of our schools. As a long-time Trustee and past President of the Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation, Paul is proud to have led and/or participated in major initiatives for the school district including the Zephyr Wellness Program, the Device for Every Learner Program, and the Backpack Food & Classroom Snack Programs.  Paul is an expert in public school and municipal finance, having guided hundreds of boards and administrations of schools, cities, and counties through the credit & funding process for their buildings and infrastructure.

In his short time on the Mahtomedi School Board, Paul supported the appointment of a new school board Chairperson, was named Treasurer, incorporated the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of Board meetings, defeated a potential COVID policy mandate which would have required all unvaccinated employees to wear masks or undergo weekly testing, prioritized the focus on addressing learning gaps that occurred during COVID, and furthered parent and community voice by promoting District engagement sessions for the community.

Mahtomedi's Student Achievement Levels and Proficiency Results have declined over the last several years to what I believe is an alarming level.

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