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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” 
-Martin Luther King, Jr

My Main Goals

  • Return Academic Excellence to Mahtomedi Schools

  • Expand parent engagement and input opportunities

  • Meet the needs of ALL students and leave no student behind

  • Create a supportive environment between the school board, teachers and community where ALL students have a purpose and can maximize their learning potential

  • Ensure the school board, teachers and community can effectively communicate with one another to identify and solve problems

My Focuses

  • Restoring Academic Excellence – As evidenced by our Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) over the past several years, Mahtomedi students have fallen behind in academics. Together, the school board and teachers can once again demonstrate that Mahtomedi Schools are committed to the very highest excellence in education and help regain the trust of the many families who chose to leave our district.  



  • Expanded Educational Opportunities – Currently, “accelerated” courses are offered as an instructional option and “real life” elective courses are very limited. Off-campus options need more promotion as they are often underutilized. If changes need to be made to these programs, I welcome discussion and community participation.  However, I remain committed to maximizing learning opportunities for every single student attending Mahtomedi Schools. 



  • Mental Health & Wellness – I will strongly support programs that help both students and teachers effectively manage life and educational stressors.  Promoting student and staff wellness will help ensure the highest degree of learning for students and job satisfaction for teachers.  



  • Equitable Education – Equity in education is about striving for academic excellence by ensuring all students receive the resources they need to be prepared for success after high school. Having systems in place that ensure every child has an equal chance for success will guarantee that all students maximize their respective learning potential, opportunities, and preparedness for real life.



  • Civility – I am committed to cultivating robust dialogue and discussion in our schools pertaining to diversity of thought and ideas. We all have unique skills and talents and when shared, can lead to the solution of even the most difficult of problems.  Helping all of our students develop critical thinking skills rather than teaching them what to think will set them on a path to success in life.  



  • Quality Leadership – Students perform better when the administration and board members provide strong leadership. Effective leaders engage the public, convey the school’s goals/visions, collaborate with teachers, and are involved in the discovery and solution of problems.

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