Re-Focus Mahtomedi Schools on Academic Excellence
Provide A Voice For Families Once Again

A Parent, Not A Politician

To date, Paul Donna has participated in 39 cumulative “school years” with his four kids in the Mahtomedi District, which has provided him with an engaged parent perspective into the many strengths and challenges of our schools. As a long-time Trustee and current President of the Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation, Paul is proud to have led and/or participated in major initiatives for the school district including the Zephyr Wellness Program, the Device for Every Learner Program, and the Backpack Food & Classroom Snack Programs.  Paul is an expert in public school and municipal finance, having guided hundreds of boards and administrations of schools, cities, and counties through the credit & funding process for their buildings and infrastructure.

In recent years, Mahtomedi High School consistently ranked in the top 5 high schools in the state.

In 2021, MHS dropped to 19th.

On September 21st, I was invited by the League of Women Voters to debate with

the other candidates, Barb Black and

Tony Vosooney.